Shannon Muhs
2012-01-24, 01:10
I've lived in Hull collectively for over 10 years now. For almost 8 of those years, I took the MBTA Bus from Hingham to Quincy Center, got on the Red Line T, switched at Park Street for the Green line and got to my job in Back Bay. This took me over 3 hours/day, and involved much anxiety, stress, and exhaustion. When I moved back to Hull after a brief time away, I knew I wasn't doing THAT commute again. The ferry is a savior to me! Not only is it more economical and environmentally friendly than driving or using other modes of public transportation, but it's virtually stress free! I would pay more for the quality of life I get from riding the ferry back and forth to work 5 days a week. Please don't take the ferry service away!
Jason McCann
2012-01-24, 01:10
Living in the South End with no car, we frequently rely on the commuter boat to visit family in Hull. The ferry is a service not just for commuters, but for anyone who wants to see and enjoy the great town of Hull.
Alexandra Nicholson
2012-01-24, 01:09
I moved to the Boston area from Washington DC in Dec 2010. I moved to Hull based on the fact that I\'d be able to commute to my job in Boston on the ferry. I now live in Hingham and use the Hingham boat and commuter rail to get home. Taking away the boats would create an unfair burden on the rail, the highways and people. It would also drive people out of Hull/Hingham and into areas more friendly to the working commuter.
Thomas Grimshaw
2012-01-24, 01:09
I moved to Hull from Brookline in November of 2011. Access to the airport and to downtown Boston via the commuter boat was a critical part of the decision to move to Hull. Now we need to bring back weekend airport service too.
Paula Tokar
2012-01-24, 01:09
I've been living in Hull since April and one of the top reasons that we chose Hull was the commuter ferry. It is a phenomenal mode of transportation into the city and more importantly, I see it strengthen the community in Hull. Without it, a critical part of the community will be gone.
Amanda Mitchell
2012-01-24, 01:08
I moved to Hull 3 months ago from Florida and have been taking the ferry into Boston every day for work. Just this past weekend I filled up my gas tank in my car for the FIRST time since I moved. One tank of gas in 12 weeks as compared to filling up twice a week to drive in - it is a no brainer. The ferry is essential to increase the health of our environment and our economy.
Joe Lipowski
2012-01-24, 01:08
The Boat is fast, timely, frequent, and comfortable. Without it work schedules will be constrained.
David Foss
2012-01-24, 01:08
I take the Hull commuter boat every weekday to work, and have been riding it since moving to Hull 15 years ago. When the Greenbush line was opened, I considered using it some of the time, but the higher cost (because of parking) and longer drive from home (6 miles vs. 2 miles) made the boat a much better deal (and it\'s more enjoyable than the train). I take the boat even though I have access to a free parking space in Cambridge (near where I work), and it would actually be quicker to drive, by the time I take the boat, then take the Blue to the Green to the Red Line, then walk 15 minutes from Harvard Square T stop to my office. Why? Because it's easier and cheaper and because I know I\'m helping reduce pollution, traffic, and fossil fuel use. And there's something magical about being on the water every day. It definitely calms me down. If the boats were killed off, I would probably drive most days all the way in to Cambridge, because the train takes longer and is more expensive, and once I've driven as far as Hingham, I feel like I might as well drive the rest of the way (and not have to pay for parking). I would, however, definitely take the Hingham boat if that were the only water option.
Michelle Bolton
2012-01-24, 01:07
I am one of many Hull residents who do not own a car. We are young, old, and everything in between. Some of us are disabled, and able to lead more regular lives due to public services like the ferry, the bus, and The Ride.

Most of my temp. jobs take me far from Hull - my only way of attaining these jobs is through utilizing the bus or ferry. My wages often do not cover the taxi services required to connect with the services required to get to major job hubs.

The removal of the ferry means a reduction in bus services. This means an increase in unemployment (and incidentally in homelessness), a decrease in living standards, being further removed from public awareness via being even further isolated, and a dramatic increase in the time it takes everyone, from Hull to Boston, to get TO and FROM Boston.

Please consider the financial, societal and environmental repercussions this short-term fix will have to a long-term problem.
Kevin Loechner
2012-01-24, 01:03
The ferry and private bus services are vital links to connect Hull to the Greater Boston area. A vital piece of the fabric of the community is lost if these services are discontinued, making Hull a transportation island.
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